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For those who are not on Facebook, I will post my studio digital caricature of my Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as a Zombie.

A good friend of mine mentioned that he may dress up for Halloween as a Zombie Romney (Thanks John!), so this gave me the idea to draw Romney into a fun Zombie-like character. The funny part is when I told my husband that I was going to create this piece, he immediately said that Mitt Romney is very HARD to draw. At the time he said this, he looked over my shoulder and saw the zombie head I created and said “OMG, you captured him!” REason being is we have seen many Romney caricatures and so many artist’s failed to get his likeness or were very weak in areas to make it look exactly like him. I certainly got the giggles when Scott said I captured him Dead-on! (No pun intended- lol!)

After creating his head into Zombie form, it sure took much research to figure out what I was going to create with my theme, though it all came together as I continued for a few days with Romney’s caricature. When I created another zombie shadow in the background, that is when I decided to throw Paul Ryan’s face into the scene. it makes sense, right?

I totally enjoyed drawing this studio piece for it helped me with my creative side, along with learning to be a little more on the dark side with an art project.

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