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I am having 2 special guests visit my home tonight and I created a fun present for them.

My friends Zach (I call him Zax) who will one day be a caricaturist like me, and his mother Pati, who is close to my age and we have a lot in common. (We both LOVE to exercise and we eat the same food/snacks, AND our birthdays are the same day, would you believe? Too Kewl)

I can’t wait until they get here. Here are 2 cartoons for their surprise!
One of them together

And one framed for Zax!

We are going to have fun putting them onto a T-shirt or mouse pad with my Industrial press.

Update: I received the coolest gift ever and it’s a caricature of me…ON A RUG!
Take a look! Zax drew a simple drawing of me and Pati created the rug, which takes time and patience.
Thanks so much Pati/Zax! Happy New Year!

I added Shannon into the family scene- 🙂

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