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I heard the phone was ringing off the hook at the mall office, with many asking if I was drawing caricatures today. They didn’t ask about a caricaturist. I was told they specifically were asking for me, my name. I was touched to hear this news from the office assistant manager.

As I was setting up an hour before I began drawing caricatures, the crowd (pack) was lining up. My first victim and friend was Zach, who is studying to be a caricature artist, himself. You can see some of his art work on Facebook.
Go to Zach’s Facebook Page
After drawing Zach, he stood by me to keep me company, watched how I draw my caricatures and took photos for me.
On the last half hour, I counted 10 cards and handed them out, YET I actually drew 12 individuals in the last half hour. I couldn’t believe my speed, but I did draw quick sketches and ended on the hour.! Thanks so much for your help, Zach.

Later, we went out for a bite to eat with Zach and his mom and partner, Pati! I had art markers in my purse, so Zach and I were drawing all over the restaurant’s place mats.
This was a special day to remember.

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  1. Hi there Angie ! fantastic work as usual….love your Caricatures from the con too ! !