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I am always interested in who’s visiting my site and watching my videos. And you should be, too. Analytics are an important part of marketing ourselves as artists. But I feel sometimes that artists don’t always use this data to its full potential.

I’ve also noticed not too may people share actual numbers when discussing this topic, so I thought I’d break out the numbers and share how I analyze the data.

Since my videos have been viewed over 100,000 times since being posted, I thought I’d share some of the data of who’s checking out my artwork on my Youtube page.

To the left, I have a screen capture from the chart on my Youtube’s Analytics page. Both the top and bottom charts are interesting.

The top chart shows two interesting facts. First, out of the 600 average daily views I’m getting, it looks like 1 in 4 are return visitors, while 75% are finding me for the first time (the orange “unique” visitors).

This is interesting because it shows it’s not a small group of people watching the videos over and over again. It’s a larger, solid audience. This seems to coincide with what I’m seeing on Facebook, with over a 1,000 unique “likes” (which you can see on the box to the right).

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Also, for me, having a larger audience is also more important than sheer number of views, since it gets my artwork in front of more eyes and more potential clients.

The other interesting fact is who is watching my videos. It appears to be consistent with an artistic crowd: mostly male. When going to the caricature conventions, it is easy to see this rough male/female ratio.

I’m also seeing an older, more mature audience, with most being in the 34-55 age bracket.

Again, this makes a lot of sense, because of the type of artwork I create and my target demographic. Most of my clients are older and have a bit more disposable income.

While these statistics are just for my Youtube page, it is consistent with the analytics for this blog, which uses the same Google Analytics engine to analyze visitor trends.

I would strongly suggest that if you don’t check your website analytics, you check them out. This will give you a better idea of your audience and whether your marketing and branding is working.

So go and take your own site’s pulse. You might learn a lot!

2 responses to “A Look at Youtube Statistics”

  1. Wade Collins says:

    Thank you for sharing Angie. This is great information for anyone who is serious about their business and interested in expanding their marketing dollars, wisely.


  2. Angie says:

    Yes, it’s interesting to see the amount of interest and age group to what type of work or product you offer. Thanks for posting!