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I would like to point out the positive!
Please Read!

“A year that started out in near disaster for the Bush Administration has concluded in poignant victory. The quagmire narrative was defeated. Many more battles and challenges lie ahead in Iraq, of course. All but the most diehard partisans, even the New York Times, now acknowledge that some success has been accomplished. There is a chance that Benazir Bhutto’s death may reverse course. George Bush’s last year in office promises to be eventful.”

you can read more of this at

  • American Thinker
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    click on the title “The war on terror comes to Pakistan”

    Also, go to “Sullivan’s blog” on the right side of my blog!

    4 responses to “Yet, many still say "I hate Bush!"”

    1. Steve says:

      May the current administration finish on a high note! The future is always filled with expectant hopes and fears. At least we can draw and make people smile! And we can even dance!

    2. nELS├ľN! says:

      Thkx for the comment Angie wish you the best 2008 possible!

    3. KeelanParham says:

      I agree with you here, Angie. And thanks for the referral to “American Thinker”! Looks interesting…

    4. Angie says:

      Hey Keelan!

      I’m glad to hear you are a glass half full guy! Hope to see you at one of the cons soon!