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NOLA Blue Dog!

NOLA Blue Dog!

The people of New Orleans have a very different take on life than I am used to. The food is spicier, the music livelier, and the pace more laid back. It’s a thrill to take it all in and enjoy everything this unique city has to offer. It’s so easy too easy to forget that I’m here to work when I get caught up in the beautiful art and architecture and clamorous street fairs and strolling jazz bands. I just had to extend my stay beyond the 4 days of the Pittcon Conference and get my fill of fun.

Pittcon, the largest exposition of laboratory science and analytics, brings together some of the top minds in the laboratory sciences industry, government, and academic sectors for 4 days of learning and advancing the fields or chemistry, spectroscopy, and biology, among many others. With over 16,000 attendees, this expo has the fast-paced feel of the streets of New York down here in the oh-so-relaxed city of New Orleans.

Right off the starting blocks, I was a smash hit. Drawing digital caricatures from open to close each day of the conference, my stylus barely leaves my hand. It feels like word of my talent spread like wild fire to the ears of each of the 16,000 people attending the expo. At least at the end of each day,I have the thrill of this spectacular city to relieve the stress of the day with some good food, good music, and good wine.

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