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This was the last week to announce the winner of our first Junior Idol Show. All 3 of these contestants had wonderful vocals and a great vocal tones, but only one is a winner. I helped judge the competition and I donate a Caricature package (Framed and matted design, T-shirt, mouse pad and E-file) I thought all 3 deserved a cartoon gift, so I “made” the time to create a cartoon that fit each of their character and performance.

Winner: Julia who has a fabulous soulful sound and is very original. She writes her own music and plays keyboard!
digital caricature by Angie Jordan

Noah who has a “pure” tone to his voice and one who can sing, so far anything, rock/pop/country/New Wave, you name it!
Digital Cartoon by Angie Jordan

and Maura: who has a mature voice of a woman at age 13. Watching and hearing her tells me she will go very far!
digital cartoon by Angie Jordan

Congrats to all 3! You are all winners!

Watch and listen to our top 3 contestants, go to
First Schuylkill County Junior Idol Winner

For great laughs, watch the Chik-fil-A cow dance with Tony Grazel, our top 3 from our second year of our regular aged Idol contest
Chik-fil-A Dancing Cow – NY NY

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