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Drawing those lines on my Cintiq again last night! And as the title suggests, it was for a company dinner at a winery in the upscale suburbs of Philadelphia.

I had the great opportunity last night to entertain another company dinner with my Live Digital Caricatures.

This was a very fun job, not only because of the great employees who sat in my ‘hot seat,’ but also because two other artists were hired for the same event. Bob and Anthe were both hired to do their easel drawings while I did my live digital, and we had some great subjects, as you can see in the pictures of people I drew, below!

I also created a custom theme for them. Their dinner theme was Thanksgiving and so I made a few different Thanksgiving backgrounds to go with that. My favorite design that I created was the Macy’s Day Parade balloons! And the funny thing was, this was one of the more requested backgrounds of the night, at least from the guys!

I can’t wait to draw these guests again at their next event! Though I would have loved to have gone to the national caricature convention this week, I enjoy the smiles and laughs at these events just as much! To everyone who was able to make time for the convention this year, have a GREAT week! Wish I was there!

By the way, good luck in the speed competition, Joe!

3 responses to “Wine, Dine, and Digital Pen Lines!”

  1. Robert Biggs says:

    Good Evening! As a struggling new 53 yr.old caricaturist I refer to many site for inspiration and insights into this wonderful and fun artform. Being Ojibwa/Cherokee I get a chance to practice my trade at Pow Wows and other Native events in the community. I’m not always happy with my results but at least I’m trying and most folks seem to be happy their drawings. When I visit your site I see someone that really loves what she is doing and is very innovative and brings great joy to many folks. For all of that I both thank and respect you.
    I am writing this because of what I saw on your site today. I see that you have a layout that uses what is a stereotype of Native Americans that many consider hurtful and backward. Now I’m not here to ask you to stop doing what you have every right to do I just want you to understand that everyday Native folks are confronted with these negative stereotyptes directly and indirectly in ways that do not allow for inclusion in the dominant society. That being said I do not consider you to be a hurtful person or a thoughtless person I don’t believe that a person with your talent would intentionally set out to hurt anyone. I am always going to visit your site for inspiration and I hope some of your talent will rub off on me and maybe someday we will meet at a convention but for now I thought you may be interested in my thoughts.
    Always a fan,

  2. Darla Dixon says:

    Great likenesses! I’m so fascinated by your Wacom tablet. That looks like so much fun!

  3. Angie says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful letter. Sometimes I feel very much like you about not being happy with my results. I think you and I are very much alike in that we are both our own worst critics! I think in the end, this is what pushes us both to be better.

    Also, thank you very much for being so honest about your feelings about one of my recent themes. When hired to draw at various events, since I offer backgrounds, clients usually tell me they want a background that includes x or y. This particular client told me the two background concepts they wanted (one of which is the one which you expressed your thoughts). I surprised them with an additional, third theme, my own idea with the Macy Day parade balloon.

    That said, you raise a very important point and it is one I didn’t even think about until your email. I really appreciate your honesty and it is something I will be much more aware of in future designs. Again, I’ve very sorry for this.

    I also hope we do run into each other in the future. I look forward to talking with you again!