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Since I had two events in Williamsport, I grabbed a hotel to avoid much travel time and mileage on my car. I happen to pick the same hotel that Ron White (comedian) was staying and he parked his traveling van out front. He was performing in the downtown area on the same night and unfortunately, I did not have a chance to meet him in person.

I spent my day and hanged out downtown to see the shops and art galleries while getting ready to draw my fun caricatures at a 4 hour wedding reception evening. At this event, I met a very nice photo booth entertainer/DJ and worked along side of him to entertain our client’s wedding guests. He took photos of the guests and created a fun scrapbook out of the photos for the bride and groom.

My client couple also wanted a wedding caricature signature board with their 3 dogs added to the scene, so I had my easel next to me as I drew the wedding family and guests into a funny cartoon. See all the fun, below.

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