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Another REPEAT client and I was back up on the foothills of northern NY drawing my Live Digital Caricatures! This time, I remembered to bring my Macbook! YES, quite an amusing and amazing story that REALLY happened to me at last event…..

My husband and I were moving near the Lancaster area and every household item was packed, including my Live Digital Entertainment set-up. I had a digital job 2 days after moving into our new home and I kept all my equipment together to just throw it in my car and head to my event, 4 HOURS AWAY from my home, with a plan to stay at a hotel.

As the event day came, I threw all my stuff in my car and off I went, traveling north to a mountain resort. As I arrived and started to set up my equipment, I didn’t see my Macbook anywhere. I panicked to think and then it hit me, Comcast came to our house to set up our cable and asked if I had a laptop. I pulled out my Macbook and I did NOT remember to put it back with my equipment.

The sweat started to pour out of my skin, as I was ready to have a panic attack! Yikes! What am I going to do?!! I did remember to bring my iPad as a back up, but this event required large prints and a theme. Oh no! Panick time again!! As my mind scrambled to think of what to do next, the words came out of my mouth rather loudly, “I need a laptop!”

A freckled-face girl from Tennessee passing by heard me and said, “I have a laptop!” Without thinking, I quickly grabbed her arm and said, “I will pay you to borrow it!” She claimed she had never used it and ex-boyfriend bought it for her as a gift, so she went back to her room to get this laptop for me.

When she returned, the angels from up above broke out into a song and the laptop looked shined a bright golden light, for it was the very SAME Macbook I use for my Live Digital Caricature setup. Unbelievable!!! Is this girl for real? I am at a mountain top resort from the 70’s, not many guests around and one girl from Tenessee visiting for her sister’s wedding just happened to walk by as I needed a laptop. And not just any laptop, the very same laptop I needed! What are the odds?

Three downloads of my printer software, Corel Painter trial version and Cintiq tablet, I was on my way to a great night of fun digital drawings for 6 hours! The night ended and my freckled friend was not only delighted to be paid in cash for the use of her Macbook, but I drew a fun digital cartoon for her to remember that night!

I swear…the angels were/are watching over me and I was blessed that everything went over well for that evening!

My client came over to me and said, “I don’t know how you pulled this off tonight, but we will definitely be hiring you again! Happy guests, happy client, happy artist, HAPPY ENDING! Whew!

With remembering to bring my Macbook, below are my recent fun photos of a FUN Greek Toga theme night! What fun!

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