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In what is becoming quite the trend, I took another day trip to the other side of the country. Having such an opportunity to meet so many intriguing and riveting people at these tradeshows is always an honor and pleasure. This is especially true when I am the one who gets the chance to see their faces erupt in laughter as they see themselves as cartoons for the first time!

The Digital Artist Arrives in the Digital Hallway

When I arrived at the Cosmopolitan (on The Strip, right next to the Bellagio), I felt right at home in their incredible lobby. What appeared to be giant, frosted translucent square pillars in the lobby emanated a soft white glow from a light source inside. Then suddenly, the shadow of a person appeared to press against the interior of the frosted glass.

It was then that we became aware that the lower panels of ‘glass’ where actually giant video monitors that displayed the life sized shadowy forms. Live Digital Caricature Artist meets the Live Digital Pillar Entertainment. How cool.

Printing Digital Caricatures to the Conference Masses

I then met up with fellow digital artist, Greg Dohlen (who braved blizzards and closed Interstates to drive all the way from the snowy state of California to the conference).

Greg is a fantastic artist and we were both quickly setting up our live digital setups to get ready for the masses arriving at the top of the hour. Once they arrived, the digital stylus pens hit the paper tablets and it was time to exaggerate and turn folks into cartoons!

I only had time to snap a few quick pictures, but fortunately, between the few I took and a few Greg’s fiance, Tori, also took a few pictures of us after the event as we all enjoyed dinner at the casino.

Both sets of pictures are below. Enjoy!

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