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As many of you know, I use a large touch screen monitor (called a Cintiq) hooked up to my Macbook laptop.

I am hired to entertain at corporate events with the Cintiq and Macbook. While at these high-end events as part of the entertainment, we set it up to project a live feed from my computer onto a giant screen. Then I print out the finished artwork and give it to the person drawn.

Just for fun, I recorded the Cintiq screen while drawing someone. What you see above is exactly what they see up on the digital projector screen (though I did speed up the video just for fun!).

Let us know what you think! It’s been such a hit at these corporate events. Everyone loves watching their co-workers being drawn and instead of a herd of people struggling to see the me drawing, they can laugh and see their friends being drawn from anywhere in the convention or conference room!

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