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Veronica’s event was switched from Saturday to Sunday (due to weather) with a good turn out of her friends to make her birthday day fun. I was added to the party to create a fun cartoon likeness for the party kids to take home.

With 12 inches of snow in her area, many plows and people out shoveling the sidewalks, it was like a maze getting into her development.

Veronica’s mother and family were so great and really got involved with the party and activities.
She offered me to take a break and eat at the party several times, which is extremely considerate and thoughtful.

The kids got a kick out of my cartoons and then went out to sleigh ride at the park nearby.
I was handed a nice homemade pork sandwich for the road for I had another event to attend for the evening.

Thank you Vicky! You are great! Happy birthday Veronica!

Here a few caricatures from the event. I will post my other event when I get back from the gym!

One response to “Veronica’s 10th birthday Party”

  1. Vicky says:

    Thanks Angie so much for coming out in the bad weather.The kid’s all loved there picture’s.They where great!I will use you agian in the future.Thanks again for a fun and great job.
    Vicky V.