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This was my second visit to Vegas this year and this time I worked a full day with a company drawing B&W digital caricatures. I was so quick with my work and I felt I was having a good day with being spot-on with my cartoon likenesses. I receive so many compliments and I had the guests making comment about how fast I was able to knock a wonderful cartoon image on photo paper. I created about 92 caricatures for my client in roughly a 6 hour timeframe.

Here is my client’s comment,

Hi Angie,

Thanks very much for coming to Las Vegas and participating in our conference booth. You are very skilled! Everyone loved the work that you did – I was extremely impressed. We got many, many compliments on both the drawings and your rapport with the attendees.

I look forward to working with you again.



I worked so fast that I only had time to take 3 photos with my iPhone.

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