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I’ve been very busy with many gift orders and bookings, and getting ready for the caricature convention in Ohio next week, that I haven’t had time to post lately.
I’m doing my best to catch up!

I had 2 events over the weekend, one was cancelled and other moved to Sunday because of the weather.
The one event was a great turn out for Harley Davidson’s Octoberfest. What can I say, but I love drawing for Harley!
The people at these type of events LOVE caricatures and I mean the dictionary term for caricature!

I had so much fun with many of the biker dudes and chicks, and THEY had fun watching and laughing while I was turning them into a fun cartoon!

Here are a few pics. Many were put on my same motorcycle drawing that I only cut to the faces to show you the fun I had with animating their faces!

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