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It was a big night for many students graduating. One of the great many gifts offered to the graduates was to have their caricature drawn into a pre-designed red carpet Hollywood theme.

It was exciting to find out that a few students were actually eager to sit in my chair to be exaggerated and told me they really enjoyed my style.
A big thank you goes out to my client, who worked so hard to make this event very special and a HUGE congratulations to all the graduating students who worked so hard to earn their degree!

Here are the few pics I had taken at this event.
caricature with theme by Angie Jordan
College graduation caricatures by angie jordan
Caricatures for college graduation
University caricature by angie jordan
University caricatures by angie jordan

2 responses to “University Graduation Event”

  1. Great work Angie !…the template looks teriffic really works well, great design…do you use pre-designed templates often ?

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Anthony!

    Lately I have been asked to design templates from clients. I have 2 others events in near future asking for the same, as well.

    I understand how this request gives the client’s guests a full framed body caricature, but I find that many guests prefer their own unique design, rather than a pre-planned design that was reproduced.

    Also, many want to be drawn with another person or 2 and one unisex theme doesn’t work.

    Of course, the guests will sit for one of these themes, since it is a free gift from client, but I did enough of these templates at events in the past to come to the conclusion that the guests would rather a head/shoulder, than be put into the same template theme as everyone else at event.