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Yesterday, I entertained for not one, but two holy communion parties. The first one was for Hailey in Philadelphia and I had a swarm of people watching me draw and complimenting my cartoon style. Hailey wanted to be drawn with a Dalmation with her communion dress. How cute!

The second party was on my way home in Limerick, Pa and when I arrived, there were 3 other neighbors having a communion party, that I had to ask for the right house. lol!
Jason was celebrating his communion with his family and relatives. Jason wanted a soccer background and was loving his drawing, too!

It sure is a wonderful feeling to know that many kids are still receiving communion and are being brought up with Christian values. Congratulations to Hailey and Jason!

Here is a combo of pics from both parties.

4 responses to “TWO Holy Communion Celebrations!”

  1. Zax ;) says:

    Angie! great work! I couldn’t help notice though, doesn’t the man in the 5th photo look a little like scott? THE STUBBLE AND POINTY NOSE JUST MADE ME TILT MY HEAD A LITTLE BIT. lol. Just a thought. Maybe it’s a younger scott! (sorry scott, don’t mean to age you!)

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Zax! Yes, I did tell that guy he reminded me of my husband Scott. Not exactly, but there is a resemblance.

  3. Paul Flatley says:

    Hey Angie, these are great, love your style. A big thanks too for your tuition on the i-pad, very interesting indeed …Paul

  4. Angie says:

    Thanks Paul! Let me know if you ever get into doing the iPad Caricatures!