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My traditional (easel/paper) set-up!

One thing is for certain; it has been a very busy Christmas season. For those who have been keeping tabs on my whereabouts during the past few weeks, you know I’ve been quite busy creating fun caricatures.

But it ramped up more than normal this week, with two caricature events a day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! That’s six gigs squeezed into those three days.

And to top it off, one of those events was an iPad Caricature event!

In lieu of my normal habit of posting each event separately, I’m going to roll them all into one (and since I’m about to head out to Harrisburg in a few more minutes!).

At one of my events, I heard a comment that I was more entertaining than the comedian they hired at their last year’s holiday party. At this event, the office crowd gathered around me to watch how I turn many of their office team members into my fun cartoon style. Here’s a few examples:

Now I’m getting ready to relax and enjoy attending my own holiday party. The company where my husband animates is having their Christmas party tonight with close to a hundred creative artists gathering with their spouses for a fun night.

Then I’m back to the drawing board for many studio gift orders for Christmas!

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