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While I was at a 3 day conference in DC, I was asked to entertain at 2 other holiday events, so I decided to grab a hotel to rest in the area, rather than fight holiday traffic.

One of my events was in my favorite town, called Alexandria, Va. this town has many historic buildings and little fun shops and great small cafes to rest your feet! lol!

And this was a repeat client. I was that busy that I am only able to share one photo from this event. I guess I was enjoying the company of my guests too much!

My other digital caricature holiday event was in another great old city called Annapolis in the city of Maryland, so I REALLY enjoyed my stay at the Historic Inn of Annapolis!

This party was for a digital firm that develops all different type of apps for companies and more, called Open Path Products

Take a look at the fun evenings with my many photos posted below!

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