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What a relaxing weekend! While I often get booked for events and love doing events, I also routinely get orders from my different websites.

What’s nice about these orders is that I get photos emailed to me and I work on them at home. And the orders more than make up the difference of packing up, traveling to and from, and working at an event, thanks to Paypal.

I have to say I like the idea of working at home, making my own hours and time, watching a movie or TV, while I create these digital cartoon orders.

Plus, today, I took my dog for 2 walks in the beautiful weather, spackled and painted 2 walls in my kitchen and downloaded a movie from Apple TV.

And yet, this is called work? Nah, I call it FUN!
I LOOOOOVE creativity of drawing!!!!

Here is one of my orders:
Gift Digital Caricature by Angie Jordan

One response to “Trio Gift Caricature Order”

  1. Really nice work Angie – your stuff is so slick – I guess we all get better with increments but you’re striding away with the digital pieces.
    Love the step by step below.