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On my way to my second caricature event in Maryland, I listened to music on my iPhone and while I was listening, I kept hearing so many interrupting “Dings” throughout my music for every email that downloaded into my gmail account on my iPhone. These so called “Dings” were emails that came from my Facebook page telling me a friend or family was wishing me a Happy Birthday! I was overwhelmed with so many emails and messages and even a singing voice mail from a good art friend that made my day on my drive home! It was a really good feeling to know I have many friends who care. Thank you!

At my second picnic event, I drew cartoons for all the guests into my fun color cartoon style but only had a chance to take very little photos. (I didn’t have my art/ photography friend, Zach, with me- Darn!) I even drew the dog into a cartoon and I LOOOOOVE drawing pets! Thank you Julia!

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  1. Zax says:

    Awe 😀 glad I was missed! Great work Angie! Btw, my mom rents me out for a dollar an hour when u need a photographer lol but we love you so with the love you discount, ud be paying $0.00 dollars an hour ^^ keep being amazing Angie!!!