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I’m a little late on my blogging since I am currently at the beach in North Carolina having a great time with Scott and my favorite mother in law. 🙂

On Saturday evening, I entertained my fun caricatures at a loooong Bat Mitvah event and I had the pleasure of working next to Dale Gladstone, another digital artist, from NY.

It was Leah’s 13th birthday and one of her gifts from her mother was one of my digital cartoons as a signature board for all her friends and family to write special love notes for her to keep the memory of her special celebration. The theme she wanted was a shopping theme, since she loves to shop at her favorite stores, like Hollister, Abercrombie and more.

After long hours, a great sea bass meal and Leah’s friend’s and family having an exciting night of dancing, caricatures, digital caricatures.

Also, many caricaturists receive one, two or more compliments throughout their drawing years and I wanted to mention one of my best compliments, by far, at Leah’s event. I asked the couple I was drawing if they ever had a caricature drawn before. The husband’s reply was “I had many, but nothing as good as your work!” His whole immediate family came to be drawn by me and left with a big smile and a fun cartoon likeness. Thank you Anne and Leah for a fun and quite enjoyable evening!

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