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I’m still catching up on my blog post with my fun caricature events. Last week, I attended the SC10 trade show in New Orleans for 4 days.

My client was very amazed with my Live Digital Caricatures using my 21″ Cintiq to draw and project the images on their larger screen. And he mentioned that I was everything they had expected. Many of the attendees crowded around our booth to receive a cartoon likeness, and to watch and enjoy my drawing technique.

Due to the large Cintiq and the ability for many to watch me draw, there are often many standing nearby just to watch the shapes take form in my award winning cartoon style.

Take a look!

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2 responses to “Trade Show and Digital Caricatures in the Big Easy!!”

  1. Hugo Freutel says:

    What a production Angie! Black& white works well.
    Strong outline caricatures.

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Hugo. I started in color, then client wanted me to switch to B&W for 2 reasons, the color did not show up on the giant screen correctly and he wanted more people to receive a digital cartoon.