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This past Thursday, I had a fun event up in Rochester, NY. I left my house VERY early (before the roosters crow) and through my hours of travel (over the mountains and through the woods, literally), I plowed through rain, sleet and snow in the mountains. When I arrived in Rochester, it was a beautiful sunny day with about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground.

I set up my iPad caricatures to draw students from Nazareth College in the Gak building. I had a swarm of students and teachers gathering around in amazement that I can draw my caricature on the iPad. A photographer showed up and said that I was the talk of the college with text messages being passed around saying… “Check out the cartoonist drawing on the iPad at the Gak!”

Photos were being taken left and right and questions were being asked about the iPad and the type of programs I use to draw my caricatures and cartoons. Everyone seemed excited about the cool iPad and my flat panel show.

AND, right next to me, there was a raffle going on while I was drawing cartoon-likenesses. The winner for the raffle won an iPad! How cool is that? Bring in an iPad Caricaturist to entertain a crowd, while you raffle off a cool iPad!

Here are a few excited students who sat in my chair!

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