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Yesterday, I was part of a fun outdoor birthday event for three daughters. Would you believe my client’s daughters were all born in August within the same week of their birth dates? How neat! AND they are all Leo’s just like me. Cong-r-r-rats! 🙂

I only took a few photos. Many of the kids would not sit still for a photo and I don’t blame them. They had a trampoline of fun to jump into and join all the other younger kids at the party.

At this event, I was delighted to draw a dog into my fun cartoon style. I absolutely love drawing pets into a fun cartoon likeness. If you would like to see more dogs and other pets created into my FUN style, go to Pet-Toons

One response to “Three Daughters celebrate August Birthdays!”

  1. Brillant Angie ! love the way you Caricature dogs