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This week I presented my Technology and Art: Exaggerations and Electrons presentation at three schools. This presentation features my lively caricature and cartooning digital presentation that demonstrates art techniques using state of the art technology.

The first school was on Wednesday with a school near Hazleton, Pa, who asked not only for my digital cartoon presentation, but an hour of Scott’s exciting magic show. This was a field day for all the 2nd graders to enjoy; a writer/illustrator for children’s books, my digital caricature presentation, Scott’s magic show and, to wrap up the day, a movie with popcorn. These kids said they were so excited that they had trouble sleeping before this day began with the day’s lineup, I don’t blame them.

The second school I performed the show for five classes on my own and today was a long day in the auditorium for a whole day (7 periods) to present a very educational class on cartooning and exaggeration. (In addition to the art/technology aspects, the program I wrote incorporates math, art, multimedia videos created by Scott and myself, AND a bit of magic/illusion from Scott (that pertains to art and exaggeration). What a riviting (and long) week!

Here are some photos to share the fun!

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  1. zax ;) says:

    very very very lucky students 🙂