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I have worked with Coca-Cola quite a few times in the past 5 years and I always enjoy working with the Big Red Company, especially when I visit their company in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, I cannot discuss my art project that I have accomplished for Coca-Cola now and in the past, though it’s always a pleasure to work with the people who work for this great company.

While visiting 1 coke plaza, I had a craving for my favorite soft drink, the Classic Coke. (psst…similar to visiting Hershey Park, when you just have to have a bite of their wonderful chocolate). I’ve always been a Coke fan over the Pepsi challenge. Coke is not as sweet as Pepsi and it has finer bubbles, just like Perrier water versus seltzer water. Coke is similar to a great, aged wine. You can’t beat a finer soft drink with that great energetic kick.

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