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Many who comment about my style mention how my style is a very fun, cartoon style. Also, for a good part of this year, I’ve gotten more involved with the cartooning world.

This just took another wonderful direction. Many months ago, I started an application process to officially become a member of the National Cartoonists Society (I attended my first meeting at the New Jersey local chapter of the NCS last year, and boy are they a fun bunch of characters!)

I just received word recently that I was formally added as a member to the National Cartoonists Society. Whoohoo!

Thank you very much to Tom Richmond and Debbie Schafer for writing such wonderful letters of recommendation for my approval! Especially, I would like to say thanks to Tom Stemmle for helping me become acquainted with the membership process!

There are many exciting projects I will be announcing soon in the near future, but until then, you’ll just have to wait with antici——pation. *grin*

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