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Live Digital

Live Digital

Yes, I finally made it to Hollywood and I was able to walk with the stars down Hollywood Boulevard! Hey! Look at the star I found on my visit to LA! lol!

Angie Jordan Holywood star

What fun, while drawing my Live Digital Caricatures at my clients booth for 3 days in Los Angeles, California.

All the guests were crowding around my client’s booth to watch me draw in action and receive a fun digital cartoon print to carry home and later download their file to use as a fun avatar. I really felt like a celebrity at this event and the compliments were flying on how well I capture a person’s personality in my fun cartoon style. See for yourself, below!

Also, I came across chalk art and I didn’t see the 3D, so I took a photo and way-lah, the 3D only appears in the photo! How cool!
chalk-art 3D

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