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To make this post more fun for you to read, I decided to make it a little bit of a game. More on this in a moment.

Scott’s company, Digital Blacksmiths, hired three iPad caricature artists for a fun corporate event in Philadelphia this past weekend. In addition to hiring me, he brought in fellow iPad artist Pat Harrington, who Scott trained and setup. Scott also was the third artist.

Before we began, I wanted to warm up and did so by drawing Scott on my iPad. 🙂

What made this event more interesting than normal was that the client specifically requested that we stroll during the event. So Scott setup the printer to receive prints wirelessly from all three of us during this two hour cocktail and dinner reception. Guests could then pick up their print at the printer at their leisure!

Now back to the game that I mentioned. Since there were three of us drawing, I’ve mixed up our drawings in the gallery below. See if you can guess who drew the iPad Digital Caricature.

If you get two right, you get a pat on the back. If you get four correct answers, buy yourself an ice cream. If you get them all correct, I’ll eat an ice cream for you. 🙂

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