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Lately, I seem to be entertaining all around the state of NY with my digital caricatures. This past Saturday happened to be a very long and fun day for me at West Point with my iPad caricature entertainment. I had to go through 2 security checkpoints to get through the gates onto the beautiful, mountainous military base.

The cold, rainy day brought us inside to a very warm building to entertain many military students, along with their family and friends. There was so much fun happening all around me inside and outside between all the military buildings; a man on stilts, mountain climbing equipment, trampoline stunts, a snake farm, military robot man, balloon artist, T-shirt pressing, music, food and the list seems to go on.

I continue to have many people stop in their tracks in amazement about my drawing digital caricatures/cartoons on the COOL iPad! Here are a few fun iPad digital fun,

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