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Today I drew caricatures at a mall with a program called “Speak Up!”
The program teaches teens to speak up about crime, whether it be a
plan in the making or had already happened!

Here are some cartoons I punched out!


I could not believe this, but during last hour, I/we brought in a crowd and we had to count so I could be finished by my scheduled quitting time. Client counted 7.
I decided to switch to bodies and pump out simple B&W quick sketches and I did all 7 in 15 minutes IN THIS STYLE (below), leaving more time available to do more drawings…AND WE DID!


Client was extremely pleased and the 3 woman that I worked with this day told me they loved
my drawing style and hope to work with me again!
Well surely I drew all 3 of them in color. Here is one that I managed to catch a photo with my drawing.


I still can’t believe I drew all 7 (with bodies) approx 3 minutes each. Client and I had it timed, too! She couldn’t believe it either! I didn’t know I had it in me!!

2 responses to “Speak Up!”

  1. John Duckett says:

    These look great! I’m sure it also feels good to be a part of something that may change these kids lives forever.

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks John!! Yes, it did feel good to be a part of something that would help others.