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Hey Beth! I found a cool “us,” being together, way back when (do you know the date on this one?) Wow my hair is really red!
And today, what a “shnawz” I have in that photo! ha ha…but I’m cool with it! Maybe I should go back to that red again or that deep red you saw on me at one time, when my eyes were spooky, since they were so light compared to my hair!! LOL!

3 responses to “Sooner & Later! BFF!”

  1. Beth B says:

    That’s not THAT “way back”…that top picture was taken on (or around) my birthday in January of 2000. The night we went out to sing karaoke at Crocodile Rock and I got drunk and sick! lol

    Thanks for posting the “lovely” photo of me below… 😛 [yuk]

    I didn’t like your hair red, I like it blonde. Remember, you’re a NATURAL blonde. Embrace it.

    I know one thing- I certainly won’t be going back to short hair!
    The older I get, the longer I’ll let it grow…right over my face! 😀

  2. angie says:

    HaHa – YES, I’m a nach-er-elle blonde! I DO like the red on me in that photo!
    So look at my bozo nose in that photo! Takes away looking at you first! My nose gets in the way! lol!

    Was it only 2000? Yikes! then again, it was 7 yrs. ago and that can be long!

  3. Beth B says:

    You know, some things get bigger as we age…our noses get longer/bigger, (not just me or you, everyone!) I know my nose is a lot longer and pointier than it used to be…Earlobes get longer…I have more of a chin…and I don’t mean more CHINS, I mean my chin seems to have gotten…’longer.’
    And then there’s what gravity does to our unmentionables!
    I think my knees are starting to sag a bit, too! lol lol