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Well, it’s been 9 weeks and my on-line classes with character designer, Stephen Silver, has come to an end, but my knowledge of drawing and designing has broadened and I look forward to practicing and focusing on all the new skills I have learned by taking Stephen Silver’s course!

I realize I have not posted much about my classes with Silver, because I think each individual who is interested in character design, should find out for themselves how valuable his classes really are, along with his personal critique, to help each individual grow.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from Silver’s design methods, his personal critiques, and all his years of experience and knowledge packaged into this 9 week course.
This course is so worth it! I highly recommend taking the time to sign up for Stephen Silver’s Course at

My only regret during my 9 week course with Silver is that I wish I could have put more of my time and efforts within my homework assignments, but my schedule was out of control and soooooo busy.

Here is my final Fat Joe! I have yet to hear Silver’s critique on him, but I only had one day to work on this final project(still busy!). However, I did focus on all Silver’s advice that he had for improving my designing skills, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best with my last assignment!
I can at least say I had so much fun with all the homework assignments, during these 9 weeks and that is what it is all about!


I DO want to thank my husband, Scott, for buying this wonderful Christmas present for me! A special BIG THANK YOU goes out to Stephen Silver for helping me improve my skills and knowledge for any future work with my Cartoon and Caricature business.

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  1. Mike Giblin says:

    Great work Angie! You feel like joining us over at There are new character design challenges every week, and the numbers are growing!

  2. Angie says:

    Thank you Mike!

    I will do my best to pop into Toonweekly and join the fun!
    I think what you have going is fantastic!