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Silhouettes in Sunny Florida

Now that Winter has finally ended in Pennsylvania and Spring has sprung, what better place to be than Florida? Wait, what? This dreadful winter had me longing for sunshine and balmy days, so I was thrilled to take a job in Florida, but Mother Nature decided that would be the week to make me long for home. Oh well, I plan on taking full advantage of it and checking out at least some of the countless sights and attractions that Orlando serves up year round (Universal Studios, here I come!). And seeing J-lo in concert, hat fun!

I’m here in Orlando at the SAP Sapphire Now and ASUG Annual Conference drawing live digital caricatures for my client, Infosys. This 3 day event brings focus to the global online community and its ever-expanding horizons. It’s a fast-paced and exciting event showcasing what’s new, now, and what’s to come in internet computing. It’s a pretty cool feeling, knowing that my brand of entertainment was once a newcomer to the online and computing arena.


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