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I can’t believe it, but I received a call from PSATS, this week, saying they did not know what to do with me. I said, “Er..come back again?” Apparently, I passed my probe hole soil descriptions test with very high scores, but on the written test, I missed the last 11 questions on test. Yikes! I thought there were only 26 questions and I did answer them all, but there were 37! Psats assumed that possibly my page might have been stuck together (probably with soil- ha ha) Gee, how did I miss more shitty questions? yuck yuck!
Anyway, the conclusion is I have to report at PSATS in Harrisburg, at my own convenient time, to re-take the written exam over again.
Heck….NO problem with THAT at all!!! Must wait again! Shucks!

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