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Another art study project in Corel Painter Magazine Issue #32.

Scott put this movie together, however, you will find the beginning part a bit choppy. Something happened to my 1st screen play, so Scott put a few slide shows of my screen shots to replace the missing part.
With my Van Gogh caricature, I was trying a NEW paint tool (Pastels) and you will notice many trials, errors and decisions throughout my video.
I do not mind showing all the revisions and decisions of an artist, so I hope you enjoy this one!

2 responses to “Screencast Digital Painting of Van Gogh!”

  1. Hi there Angie ! I ‘ve enjoyed watching all your tutorials…but is there suppose to be sound to these ?

  2. Angie says:

    Sorry, no sound or music. These tutorials are part of my art study in Corel Painter’s magazine, recent issue #32 and all my painting information is written, step by step in this issue. We encourage anyone who is interested to purchase the magazine to follow my painting guide. I hope you understand.