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Alaska’s soon to be ex-governor. Do I hear rumor of a possible future run for the white house in 2012?
A woman with such confidence, strength and pride, as I had digitally illustrated.

Here is a digital caricature of Palin that I sketched in pencil, scanned and continued to paint in my Corel Painter X program.

This caricature was also featured in Corel Painter Magazine, issue #31 (2009) with my interview spread on 4 pages.

3 responses to “Sarah Palin Digital Caricature!”

  1. John Cullen says:

    I really enjoy your amazing style and must compliment you on the colouring!
    I’ve been at it for over twenty years now, and do’t get into the extreme edges of Caricaturing, but instead try to compliment folks with a four minute sketch!
    We may meet someday and I look forward to it!!
    Regards from Brockville Ontario Canada!!~~~~~~~~~John cullen

  2. John Cullen says:

    I must add that you’re very talented!!~~~John

  3. Angie says:

    Thank you for the kind words John!
    I hope to meet up with you soon. Perhaps the NCN/ISCA convention in Ohio this November?