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I had the greatest pleasures drawing fun cartoons with Mike and Pat in the sunny, yet chilly, day at the Ram Jam fest at Philly U!

At the last minute, the college decided it was going to be outdoors, so we set up our easels under the tree, in the shaded area where it was a quite “chilly and breezy.” Luckily I brought a jacket and I had a blanket to cover my legs.

What’s great about having 3 artists with 3 different styles, the college students get to line up for a variety of fun cartoons. All three of us had a person sitting in our chair and a crowd behind us watching and laughing.

I hope to do this threesome again real soon!~wink!
Thanks Mike!
Here are only a few pics I had taken, due to being cold! 🙂

One response to “Ram Jamming at P-U!”

  1. Trudy Nash says:

    what FUN! And you’ve captured the likenesses too. Great job!