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Dover International Speedway

I just got back home after a long (and fun) day in Delaware. I was hired to entertain with my Live Digital Caricatures in the Hospitality Village (a special VIP section) at the Dover International Speedway, also known as The Monster Mile!

The Hospitality Village was setup at the speedway for the Nascar sponsors (you know all those labels on the race cars? Those sponsors!) Scott and I had a great time drawing the sponsors prior to the start of the race.

We arrived early (as in, the-stars-are-still-out-early) to setup and believe it or not, the tailgaters had already started setting up in the parking lot! It sure was a cold early morning in the photo of me, below, but I certainly warmed up in no time with bursts of laughter and very nice people surrounding me.

Since I was setup to entertain the sponsors, Scott and I were allowed a little VIP treatment to see the track before the race (and before the general public was allowed in the speedway). He posted several of those pictures on his Flickr page and his blog. He took the picture of Pit Row, above!

Not sure what made me see a square jaw on this fellow, now that I can compare him with his photo. I know the sun affected me several times throughout the day. Oh well! 🙂

2 responses to “Racing with my Digital Cartoons!”

  1. Marion says:

    Great work you performed here Angie! And funny template!

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Marion! The template was fun to create and included 2 logos (sponsors).