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I awoke to a phone call from one of my past clients from Alabama. He returned for a 3rd gift caricature order.
This time for his girlfriend, Meredith, who landed a job with the White House.

In 2007 she left her attorney practice to work for the Obama Campaign. She worked on the campaign and had the opportunity to work in several states across our nation and even staffed President Obama and the First Lady on a couple of occasions.
She has just been offered a job in Atlanta, GA as the assistant to the regional director for the GSA (General Services Administration) arm of the White House.

This gift caricature is to be her surprise at the “Welcome to Atlanta” dinner party and displayed as a signature board for all her family and friends to sign.
Congrats Meredith!

3 responses to “Political Presentations!”

  1. niall says:

    Great start Angie, very clean looking.

  2. Colm says:

    Great work, Angie. Love the palette you chose too.