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Another day, another city. This is a very fun trend that I’ve been fortunate enough to be having and it looks like it will be continuing into 2011.

This week I was brought back to entertain for an existing client in the city of “chahm,” Boston.

This trade show convention was filled with over five thousand “wicked smaht” people who were pushing the technological boundaries in the nano-science field. The exhibit floor was an amazing display of the latest in molecular construction.

This was Scott’s return home in a way. He was born and raised in South Boston. Though we were here last year, he said it was still weird to not have the central artery downtown (the main raised highway that was turned into a tunnel in that massive decades long project: the Big Dig).

We had a lot of fun, visiting Fenway (albeit in the off season) and eating at the House of Blues at its new home across from the ballpark (the HOB used to be across the river up in the Harvard area).

While drawing at the convention, the conference attendees were entertained by my Live Digital Caricatures in between strolling the tradeshow exhibit floor. Enjoy some of my work!

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