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An early day in Philly on Saturday and Broad street was closed for a huge, looooooong festival of entertainment and fun. There was a team of artists filling the street, 3 of them were pro pastel artists and 3, including myself, were pro caricaturists. The 6 artists were separated into 2 groups, so I had fun working with my buddy, John Sprague, and a new pastel artist, named Simon.

It was a long 8 hour day for John and I and we took turns with taking one 30 minute break for the day. Everyone was passing by asking about our “free” caricatures (compliments of the Kimmel Center) and then lining up for one, two or a group. If a guest were to be drawn by themselves, I would honor them with one of my fun character designs (full body and color). I even had a lady ask me if I teach caricature/cartoon lessons. I had to tell her at this time, I am way too busy. Although, my husband always likes to add to my comments that I’m ALWAYS busy! And he’s right! 🙂

Unfortunately, I did not have time to stay for the grand finale, entertainment lifted high in the air, called Le Compagnie Trans Express, from Paris. Here is link.

Take a look at the fun PIFA photos, including a photo of my art friend, John Sprague at work.

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