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Recently, I was asked about how I put an outline around my cartoons. While it is not difficult, when it comes to digital, one can easily get lost in a program and not know about the hundreds of little things a program can do.

So I wrote a tutorial on how to do this:
Photoshop tutorial on creating a stroke

This particular tip I learned on my own while playing with the blending options. However, I did learn a lot from my husband Scott and Court Jones, two pros when it comes to Photoshop artwork, as well as many others in the National Caricature Network.

There are several other tutorials on the Digital Blacksmiths site already, but since over the years, I’ve had many friends around the world asking me about my digital artwork, I’ll be posting many things about Photoshop and Painter along the way!

So please stay “tooned” with our Digital Blacksmiths site.

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