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4,500 people attended a 50’s, 60’s, 70’s bandstand theme at the Philly Convention last night.
Roaming about were great characters like Rocky, Austin Powers, The Village People, Sonny and Cher, and the whole place was decorated with stations from that year.
The band played on a huge stage with cartoon videos, along with videos of the event, projecting behind them.

I strapped on my homemade strolling easel board and approached my first victim (lol) in the crowd.
As I quickly sketched this person, the next one lined up excited for a cartoon-likeness drawing.
And there I stood as the my line grew long. No need to stroll. The crowd came to me and I was happy to create a fun cartoon for them.
Strolling and drawing is not easy, but once you get the knack for it, the hours can go by very quickly.

Here are my few photos that I was able to snap for the evening.
Philly Convention photo by Angie Jordan
Philly Convention photo by Angie Jordan
Stolling Cartoons by Angie Jordan
Stolling Caricatures by Angie Jordan
Stolling Cartoons by Angie Jordan

9 responses to “Philly Convention and Strolling Cartoon Entertainment!”

  1. Bernard says:

    These are just awesome!

    I bet you love your work?

  2. Hello from one Schuylkill County girl to another! Love your blog and your work! You’re a fabulous artist!

  3. Sherry says:

    Two of those three people above are from our school. I also was lucky enough to get my portrait done by you. We loved them! We even took a group photo of all of us with our portraits. Great job!

  4. Angie says:

    Hey thanks Bernard, Jozet and Sherry!

    Bernard, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE to draw!

    Sherry, can you send the group photo to my gmail at ?

  5. Ken says:

    Hey, great work here Angie!! Loving your site!!

    Thanks a lot for your ‘Bruce’ comments by the way!!!

  6. Hugo Freutel says:

    Effective speed format caractures Angie!

  7. There’s some really impressive work on here Angie – really top notch !
    Always a pleasure to visit your blog.

  8. Fantastic Caricatures Angie ! ..I agree, it’s not easy strolling while drawing…did you strap a little light on your head so you see as you drew ? hehe…it looked quite dark from the photo’s

  9. Angie says:

    Thanks Ken, Hugo, Terry and Anthony!

    Terry, you have great work on your blog, too. I check in from time to time, but I’m not sure if I had posted lately. Will do soon.

    Anthony, I actually HAVE a head light strap, but no, I didn’t use it.
    I had to make DO with the lights available in the room at the event.

    There was this annoying florescent light that would flash by every 10 minutes and blind me and my standing guest, but I would wait for it to go away in seconds to draw again.
    It was actually quite humorous when it happened, though. I would squint and yell, “Bright Lights, Bright Lights!” My guests would laugh for they completely understood as to why I could not draw at that “flashing” moment!
    Thanks again!