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It was a long day and it ended at 5am the next day.

Pets being turned into cartoons on appreciation day, along with a rainy, stormy night of one of the best after prom events I’ve ever laid eyes on. Each year, this school does a spectacular job on their decorations and entertainment.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful compliments of my caricature work, especially the teachers/parents that were watching me throughout prom night.
I wouldn’t be able to do this without the cheers from my audience.

Here’s a few pics from my looooong day!

Petco, where the pets go!

After Prom Caricature Event!

3 responses to “Pets, Proms and People!”

  1. Kelly Gannon says:

    You’re one of a handful Angie that can caricature dogs….fantastic!!!!

  2. WOW Angie FANTASTIC live work !…you’ve set the bar very high with your Dog Caricatures…these are up there with the best I’ve seen !!…I’d love to see a video of you drawing Pets…sounds like a good project for Scott eh 🙂

  3. Angie says:

    Thanks guys!
    I really enjoy drawing pets! It’s “ruff,” but doggone fun! lol!