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The following Saturday morning, during the start of the noreaster storm, I was busy drawing dogs and cat caricatures at a Pet store, south from where I live. Would you believe this pet store brought a crowd, even as the heavy snow started to stick to the streets? Unbelievable, and I kept busy, which is the way I like to be!

As you can see in a few of my photos below, the store had a Halloween contest for pets. How funny and adorable! One of the prizes was my drawing their pet into a fun cartoon. My line grew quite long. And when I had a slow moment, I drew a few kids to bring a smile to their face.

By the time I finished drawing, (4 hours later), the heavy part of the blizzard had arrived and unfortunately, I could not make it to my home in the mountains. So, I grabbed a good hot meal and enjoyed watching a movie at a nearby hotel.

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