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It was a great evening at Petco and the first of the fall season for drawing pets.

Many dogs were coming through the door, followed by cat and ferret owners.
The staff at Petco, (at times it is the same staff from store to store), helps with many of these events throughout PA, NJ and DE.

I decided to stay a bit longer, (on my own free time) to give the staff a gift from me to tell them thanks for helping me with the pets and customers during my scheduled time.

Here are a few pis from the event and a photo of my dog, Zoe, waiting for me to come home with my Petco treats.

3 responses to “Petco and Cartoon Pets!”

  1. niall says:

    Hey Angie, great pic’s, tried my 1st dog show last week, disaster! dogs wouldn’t stay still etc, any tips?

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