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My mother is going to her 45th Reunion and asked me to scan her
grad photo to make a badge for her, so I did both parents and thought I’d post this, cuz my blog isn’t all about art, ya know.
It’s funny, but my mother’s reunion is a conglomeration of a few grad years going in one night. Maybe, it’s due to the fact that their class was small and not enough people to make it worth going to! Now they will have food and Big Band entertainment! LOOK OUT EVERYONE!…my mom’s a great dancer! She will be kicking her heals high and shaking her booty! In my younger years, when music played in our home and my mother was nearby, you couldn’t walk past her without her grabbing your arm to do the jitterbug with her..yelling, “No! Mom! NO!” When the music kicks in, so does my mom!

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