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Nothing But Net With Nike

Mike event in Manhattan with Angie's Live digital Caricatures

Mike event in Manhattan with Angie’s Live digital Caricatures

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Two of my favorite things are sports and digital caricatures. Combining those two can only mean one thing: a great time! At a recent event in New York City, Nike hosted students for a day of fun and physical activity. While the students had the chance to peruse everything Nike had to offer, Donna (a friend and fellow digital caricature artist) and I got to entertain them with Live Digital Caricatures. Each student had their likeness created against a basketball-themed backdrop to tie in with the event’s atmosphere.

It was a long, albeit exciting day that started briskly at 4 AM. I left from south-central Pennsylvania to get to New York City by 8 AM and picked up Donna along the way. We kept the throngs of eager young people smiling for 8 hours while they moved about the venue, enjoying their digitally drawn sports star caricatures. The excitement in the air made it feel like we were right in the middle of a professional basketball game. Even some of the representatives from Nike got in on the fun and had their caricatures drawn, too!

At the end of the day, we left with the feeling of gratitude from the young athletes and their teachers, the thanks from the fine folks at Nike, and even a pair of very cool new sneakers. Many thanks to our friends at Nike (I’m definitely getting plenty of wear out of my new running shoes)!


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